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What is SEO & Lead Generation and how will that help my local business?

In simple terms, we create a website for your business and optimize it using organic traffic, free & paid ads, and back links. 
The top results on Google determine how much traffic you will bring in on a daily basis. Especially if you are in the service providing industry (I.E. Plumbing, Electrician, Chiropractor, Photography, Beauty, Musician, etc).

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So how exactly do we beat the competition?

After researching your competitors, we will reverse engineer the competitors and beat them in every aspect that is required to rank on google (Content, Backlinks, free & paid ads, citations, etc). Most local business owners don’t understand how to fully optimize their website in order to generate real leads and traffic. Therefore, with our knowledge and skills in Lead Generation and SEO, it will only take a matter of weeks before your business outranks all the local competitors.


So what does this all mean?

Now you instantly have a massive competitive edge against a majority of your competitors, which means you will begin to have an enormous amount of traffic and new customers asking for your service. 


Within a short time, you will now appear on the top 3 google results for whichever business/niche you are in and have a massive online presence within your city. You now have a dominating online marketing presence and customers/clients will have immediate access to your service. Through this you will receive more leads on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. 

Which type of business would need our help?

We are the go-to choice for people looking for lead generation companies for contractors including roofing, tree service, plumbing, HVAC / Heating & Air Conditioning, home remodeling, landscaping, water damage restoration & more.

Being able to generate phone calls is what really determines your value as a marketer. Because at the end of the day, that’s really what the business owner wants. Right? There are lot of SEO marketing companies (Thumbtack, Angieslist, HomeAdvisor) out there that promise to get you rankings but if you rank for obscure keywords it doesn’t do you much good.


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We utilize tactics that most SEO companies aren’t aware of to get the highest paying leads for our clients. Because we track every lead we generate, we have become experts in cutting out the BS and to simply go after the leads that pay big dollars.

For example in the roofing niche, it is very important to go after commercial roof replacement leads. In the plumbing niche, the high ticket items are sewer line repair leads. In tree service, emergency storm damage leads are very lucrative. For HVAC, it is new air conditioner installations.

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If a SEO company helps you rank for “best commercial roof repair company Houston TX” and it gets you just few visitors per day, that’s not really going to be a life changing difference, whereas if you rank for “roofing Houston” that gets over thousand visitors per month, then it’s really going to begin making a large impact.

​For a lot of our clients, we are getting paid based on performance (using things like call tracking) so we go after the most competitive and important keywords that generate the most amount of “leads” or phone calls & appointments for your business. Being able to generate phone calls is what really determines your value as a marketer. Because at the end of the day, that’s really what the business owner wants. 


The Basic Package

Create Website

Basic On-Page SEO

Call Tracking

Basic Google My Business Listing

Schedule Consultation

Most Popular Package

Create Premium Website

Advanced On-Page SEO

Call Tracking

Link Building

PPC Advertising Campaigns

Social Media Management

Google My Business Optimization

Schedule Consultation

The Advanced Package

Create Premium Website

Advanced On-Page SEO

Call Tracking

Premium Link Building

PPC Advertising Campaigns

Advanced Social Media Management

Google My Business Optimization

Video SEO & Editing

Reputation Management

E-Mail Marketing

Schedule Consultation

Who do we work with?

IMAGEN LEADS mainly partners up with local businesses in the U.S. that need help marketing their business and have little to no online presence. ​We will help scale your business quickly and efficiently. We will have an exclusive partnership with your business. So for example, if you are in the tree service industry in Houston, we would not offer our services to anyone else in the tree service industry in Houston. ​This exclusive partnership goes for any business owner we partner up with.

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Pest Control

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Auto Body Shops

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Bathroom Remodel

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Carpet Cleaning


Kitchen Remodel

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